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The Odd 1s Out aka Robert James Rallison Profile | Contact details (Phone number, Email, Instagram, Twitter)- THE ODD 1S OUT is a Username of Robert James Rallison who is a popular YouTube Star and a Social media Personality. He was born on May 14, 1996, in Arizona, United States. His channel has earned more than 2.8M subscribers and he published the first episode of his webcomic to the site tapastic in February of 2014. He has joined the Animation Squad with Jaiden Animations, BlackSen, TonyVToons and ItsAlexClark.


  • Name: James Rallison
  • Full Name: Robert James Rallison
  • Date of Birth: 14 May 1996
  • Place of Birth: Arizona, United States
  • Age: 20 Years old
  • Birth Sign: Taurus
  • Parents: N/A
  • Profession: YouTube Personality
  • Channel Name: The odd 1s out


INSTAGRAM: @theodd1sout

Robert has an account on INSTAGRAM in which he has enlisted more than 32.3K followers. He posts his Videos or Pictures on INSTAGRAM. You can leave a comment with your on one of his recent photos. To follow him visit this link which given above.

FACEBOOK: @theodd1sout

He has an official page on FACEBOOK in which he accumulated more than 55K likes. You can like his page on Facebook. You can also write on his Facebook timeline and comment on his posts.

TWITTER: @theodd1sout

He has joined Twitter in June 2013.You can send him tweets to @theodd1sout and expect his reply. His twitter account has over 158K followers who follow him.

YOUTUBE: @Channel

He has official channel on YouTube in which he has earned more than 2.8M subscribers. You can leave a comment and whatever you want to say him on one of his YouTube Video.

TAPASTIC: @Theodd1sout

He has an account on the Tapas where he has gained 6.3M followers. If you want to follow him then you can visit this link which is given above.

GOOGLE+: @theodd1soutcomic

He has an account on Google+ in which he earned more than 1.7K followers and he updates his Google+ profile. If you want to follow this then you can visit this link.





Permission is not granted to access his phone number.

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  1. HI! I REALLY hope that you, the ODD 1S OUT mentions Lizzie unicorn a.k.a ME! I’m a HUGE fan your = FUNNY! so…yeah! Can u mention me and how unicorns are awesome! they ARE! They are also real incase you are wondering! And I plan to become a known writer when I’am older! Is it possible that you can move to Oregon and come and meet me in person because that would be AWESOME! And we can be best friends forever! Okay no. no. That last part was creepy forget I ever said that :D! Anyway better go and write a story…maybe if I could send you a sample of my friend and I’s writing would you read it? If you can PLEASE do! Alright um…well Lizzie Unicorn out! 😀

  2. Hi James! I love your channel so much! In fact, me and my friends built a tree house in his backyard to talk about JUST YOU!

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